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Society of Nepalese Architects (SONA) is the professional organization of Nepalese Architects, established in 1991 by a group of enthusiastic architects who represented government, private sector and academia. The main objective of SONA is to protect the rights and responsibilities of Nepalese architects and promote architectural profession in Nepal. SONA has grown over a period of 25 years from a small group of architects, concentrated in Kathmandu Valley, to a nationwide organization with a total membership of more than 800. SONA has been registered as a professional organization in the District Administration Office, Kathmandu and abide by government rules and regulations strictly. SONA has established its own office space at the Churchill Complex, Sundhara Kathmandu in 2011, supported by full-time staff for day-to-day administration works..

SONA is being invited in several government committees at national and municipal level. Its contribution in drafting building byelaws of Kathmandu Valley, model byelaws for new municipalities and amendment of National Building Code has been noteworthy. SONA is invited by government ministries and departments for providing expert opinions on topical issues. In recent years, SONA is being increasingly involved in organizing design competitions of several buildings and facilities of public importance such as office building for the National Planning Commission, Office Building for Nepal Mountaineering Association, Republic Monument and Republic Tower.

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Missions of SONA are:

  • To promote development of architecture and its related art, science and technology throughout Nepal.
  • To promote the companionship, kindness and support within the architects and to safeguard their professional rights and interests.
  • By utilizing, to the highest extent possible, the participation of the national architects’ manpower of the country in the national development activities of Nepal.
  • To continuously enhance the highest professional ideals among the members and widen it.
  • To develop relations, fellowship and goodwill with international architect’s associations and institutions


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